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What Preparations Do You Need To Take For A Hike?

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catskill treesI really enjoy taking good care of my children. I always see to it that they never lack anything and instead they have whatever their tiny little hearts could possibly desire and more. I always want to make sure that they have everything they need, so that I will never have to regret being a neglectful parent. They have a lot of toys. They especially like playing with their game consoles, whatever those things are called. Naturally, they also have a smartphone, a tablet and a PC. How else can kid these days get along with the rest? But you see, all this neat stuff has also created a bit of a problem.

Today, children are much too spoiled. And mine have been spoiled rotten with all those electronics toys. They hardly ever get ouf of the house anymore. And this is one of the things that bothers me the most about this modern day lifestyle that we are collectively living. The tendency to look each other up and have face to face time has gone down. And we do not seem to have time for getting outside for some fresh air anymore. I might be a bit of a backwards person in the opinions of some, but it is truly my opinion that we should address this problem and educate our children about the need for getting some physical exercise outdoors. Nature can be a beautiful thing and we need to rekindle our love for mother nature if you ask me.

catskill sunriseAnd this is exactly the reason why I am taking my kids out into the woods the coming weekend. Naturally, I am bringing my SO as well. Now that I think of it, it has been quite a long time since I myself have had some fresh air. I really need to get outdoor more myself. The weather so far has been alright, despite the fact that it is already pretty late in the year. So me and my family are taking advantage of it by going camping. If we wait another few weeks, it will certainly become too cold and there will be nothing enjoyable about it.

You will have to make plenty of preparations if you want to hang around in the wild for a few days without becoming too uncomfortable. If you do not want something to go wrong while cutting yourself off from modern life, you have to make sure to plan out your trip as completely as you possibly can.

1. Make sure to get good shoes for a big walk.

I was reading up on a website called the Boot Bomb, from which I really learned a whole lot. It is very important that you get yourself a good pair of boots for walking. I am suffering from a condition known as plantar fasciitis. So for that reason, it is very important for me to have the right type of hiking shoes, that will help me manage this condition. My SO is bringing a sturdy pair of boots himself. He still had those lying around from when he was still serving Uncle Sam. That was a long time ago.

You will have to get good footwear or suffer the consequences. We are suffering from a condition known as flat feet, and this only makes us more susceptible to conditions such as plantar fasciitis. We have made it a habit to get good insoles with every pair of shoes that we buy, otherwise we will simply not have the support we require when we walk. You do not want to get stuck with an inflamed plantar fascia.

This family takes footwear very seriously. I made sure to purchase the best hiking shoes I could find especially for this outdoor weekend trip. My children were already walking around on good shoes, so I did not bother to buy them new ones as well.

2. Make sure to bring enough food and drinks with you.

catskill sceneryAlways be sure to bring enough for eating. Don’t bring junk foods such as canned hamburgers, mars bars and other kinds of crap that is unhealthy. A multi day stay in the woods is going to be a tad bit demanding on your body, and you need to put some good nutrients inside of it. Good foods will be rich in all the macro nutrients, these are ofcourse… carbo hydrates, proteins and fatty acids. So make sure to bring along all the healthy and nutricious foods that your body might want, because it’s going to be quite a ride and your body can’t function on refined sugars.

You have to be taking all sorts of healthy stuff with you that is easy to conserve, such as dried abricots, dried prunes, dried bananas and maybe even beef jerky. But if you happen to be taking a cool box with you, then you could also bring along apples, pears, tangerines and other kinds of fruits. Another great thing to take with you are granola bars. These are easy to conserve and have long expiry dates. They are compact and will give you loads of energy that will keep you on your feet for miles on end. Another option is to bring nuts, which also do not go spoiled easily. Raisins are also a personal favorite of mine. The best thing about nuts is that they are extremely high caloric. A few hands of nuts will keep a grown man going for a whole afternoon. It’s no wonder they stuff some nuts into granola bars.

Beef jerky, which I had mentioned earlier, is always a big favorite with the kids. And I kind of like it too. The kid inside me has a few beef jerkies every once in a while.

3. Create a big list of survival stuff and pick what you need.

catskill roadYou will have to bring loads of equipment for a camping trip to the woods. I could easily break this down into a list of dozens and dozens of times. But I am running out of time here.

To make a long story short, you can think of things such as compasses, maps, rain clothing, first aid kits, lighters, sleeping bags and tents. And this is just a small list of things you could possibly take with you.

Whenever and wherever you are going… make sure that you have planned the trip well in advance. You don’t want to arrive on the spot and then notice you forgot the sleeping bags or the tent. Or any other essential item for that matter. That would totally spoil your trip!

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Having Fun Feeding The Kids

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baby eat footA little while ago, me and my wife had a baby and I became a dad. For a long time now, I have been married to a girl that I have loved since high school. She used to be my girlfriend when I was a teenager. But since then, I have married her. And now she is my wife. This last baby we had was not our first. The first one was a much longer time ago. The second one was also a long, long time ago, by the way. But you never quite forget the very first time you become a parent, because it is by far the most special time. I can’t believe how incredibly vulnerable young children are. They are so weak and dependent. When I had my first baby, I never wanted him to grow up because he was so friggin’ cute. But unfortunately, my kids did grow up, as kids have a habit of doing. And these days they are not very vulnerable anymore. Thank god for that, because I would not want them to be dependent all their lives. Kids do the funniest stuff in their early years. And that’s the main reason why kids are so fantastic. You’ve got to love all those silly antics when they are learning. You never quite know what is going to happen next. The things that kids blurt out sometimes… it has had me rolling on the floor laughing on more than one occasion for sure.

baby blocksIf you have never had this experience yourself, then you will probably never completely understand it. Children will never stop surprising you with all their funny baby stuff, and that’s the reason why I love them so much. You will experience the same when you have kids of your own. My own children loved drinking soap water from the bath tub when they were very small. I really don’t understand what it is about soapy bath water that is so awesome to a kid that they would voluntarily stick it in their mouths.I am quite sure that there was a good reason in their little noggins for doing so. But they themselves do not remember any of it. I have asked them why they did it as soon as they could talk. But they say they have no recollection of it. Well, isn’t that a crying shame. The mystery will never be solved. I don’t really mind though. There are plenty of things thta are better left unanswered.

We have had some of the greatest times when we were feedings the kids. And by we I mean me and my wife ofcourse. We did not feel like wasting a whole lot of time on having to make food for our children, so we bought an appliance to do it for us. It was a baby food maker from Cuisinart. That was a really good one. Back in those days me and the wife were slaving our butts off at the office and we did not have the time to waste on feeding the children hours per day. Babiesneed a lot of food, you know. There is a need to prepare food in advance, because you can’t seriously expect yourself to make food every single time the baby is hungry. And that is multiple times a day. So that is why me and the wife purchased an appliance… to help us make food more easily and more quickly. What we did was, we prepared the food for a week or sometimes two up front. And then we froze the food and took it out whenever we needed to.

7 month oldBut you can not forget to thaw it before you feed it to your baby. And thawing takes time too. Babies can’t eat frozen food yet so don’t even bother. Babies sure do like sucking on pacifiers but for some reason they won’t suckle down a frozen vegetable lolly pop. We’ve tried and it did not work. Ha ha, just kidding. The food will have to be not only thawed, but it will also have to be warmed up before it goes into the baby’s mouth. And this is usually my favorite time of the feeding, because this is what creates the mess. I was once feeding my sons with a spoon and most of the time they behaved very well. One heck of a lot better than some of these babies on the web, with all their spilled food all over their faces. But that was only for show, because once I had walked away into the next room, they would throw the whole darn bowl of food onto the floor and that would be the end of that.

Sometimes I tried having a discussion with the boys, because I wanted to know why they misbehaved and made such a mess. Usually they would be asking for toys because they were done with dinner time. I jokingly asked them if they would be interested in cleaning up the incredibly mess that had made. I don’t know why I even bothered, because naturally… they did not. Children will look at you like they are witnessing a turd crawling up the wall, when you make an attempt at intelligible conversation with these kids. Thankfully, I never lost my temper and I always stayed nice with them. It may have pissed me off royally in the past, but I darn well realized that one day these kinds of experiences would turn into fond memories. And indeed they did. So for that reason, I can not say that I have any regrets.

baby eat foodNext to a baby food maker, we also needed to get a good crib for putting our babies in when we wanted some rest. Most of these cribs out there are pretty pricey, but me and my wife were not about to take out a loan in order to be able to afford a crib. But a crib is not optional, you have to have one of these or there is no way you can properly raise your baby. You can’t have him sleep in your bed with you. We managed to get a cheap one off Amazon for a good price. No sense in paying full price at the local store when you can get it for cheap!

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Up Your Gardening Game With A Testosterone Booster

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benchThe trouble with us humans is that time doesn’t seem to want to slow down for us, and we age as the years are going by… neither father time nor mother nature seem to want to take pity on us. Aging is fun for nobody, but this is especially true for guys who can suffer from lowering testosterone levels as they reach middle age and start getting old.

Lower male sex hormone levels can give a man serious problems, because it will interfere with his ability to perform well with demanding physical exercise such as lifting weights. In today’s modern society, many people want to continue lifting weights well into our fourties, fifties, sixties and even beyond that. But it will get harder and harder as the years go by, mostly because our test levels make sure that we can recover quickly (or not, in case they are lower).

I clearly remember that when I was young, I used to be a tad bit on the heavy side. It was all because of the diet that I was eating back then. There were too many trans fatty acids, starches and refined carbs in my diet and it caused me to get all bloaty. I truly despised my own body and I knew that I had to do something about the situation, because it would get out of hand if I just let it happen.

lotsa dumbbellsAt some point in time, I managed to get enough courage to walk into a gym for the first time in my life, in order to do something about the sorry state that my body was in. I was losing the pounds quickly… it’s easiest when you are very heavy and have lots of fat to burn. I got a much firmer body which looked to be in much better shape, and as a direct result… I felt much better. It wasn’t long after that that I met a cute girl who then also became my girlfriend for a good while. She knew I was fat before and she complimented me on the shape that I was now in.

I am aging a bit, however… and I can definitely feel that my test levels are dwindling, and I don’t like it one bit. Recently, I started doing some research on the internet because i wanted to learn more about a little something I had heard about earlier… testosterone boosters, which are said to help your body promote the production of this hormone.

But since I did not want to put anything into myself without thinking it through, I researched it thoroughly. I also needed to make sure that this was nothing illegal, because I am not one to get in trouble with the law. There are many kinds of test booster supplements out there, and naturally… I was only interested in finding the very best one. I think everybody pretty much agrees with me that you always want what’s best for yourself.

cat on testosterone boostersI did about an hour of research and came to a website where I found a lot of information and it really helped me in making up my mind. Visit the Bulk Board site by following the link. At first, I feared that these kinds of supplements were categorized as prescription drugs that were illegal to sell over the counter just like that. I sure as heck don’t want to be taking any steroids! But luckily, it turns out that these kinds of supplements are actually fairly harmless. These boosters are completely herbal, they are just a combination of vitamins and nutrients that you can also find in any other kind of food.

You are not going to find anything synthetic in test boosters, so it is highly unlikely that you will suffer from any kind of side effect. This type of stuff is a far cry from steroids, which will give you a whole slew of negative side effects that nobody wants. Because that’s just not my style, you know? I honestly don’t mind staying in good shape, but I sure as heck are not partaking in the Mr. Universe competition or anything silly like that. And I have found that this is a good solution for lowered testosterone. I have tried out many different brands and I ended up settling with Testofuel. It is my personal experience that this testosterone booster is a really good way to increase your male sex hormone levels.

So to make a long story short, I am really glad that I have found a good way to stay in good shape, despite my advancing age. These boosters aren’t the only supplement in my stack, ofcourse… I also use protein powder and creatine as well. On protein powder… it doesn’t really matter which brand you end up going with, because all brands are pretty much the same. When it comes to creatine… well, that’s kind of a different story. There are different kinds of creatine on the market today, and they are not all created equal because some will perform better than others.

discsCreatine is pretty cheap and when you buy it you should really pay up a few extra bucks to make sure that you get the highest quality stuff. The biggest differences are between the non micronized and the micronized creatine. The micronized type does a much better job of being absorbed by the muscles and it will lead to less water retention related ‘bloat’. But it’s not just about the micronization though.

There are supplements that you can take pre, intra and post training… and it’s important that you learn the difference, otherwise you won’t be able to make optimal use of your supplements, which would be a shame seeing as how they are fairly expensive. There are so many supplements to be had on the market today, and most of them can be truly helpful if only you are able to put them to good use. All these supplement makers aren’t just trying to yank your chain, you know?

You simply have to do your research when it comes to combining supplements and building your weight lifting ‘stack’, as they call it in the body building world. It’s a shame to see all your results go to waste after having worked out hard at the gym, just because you are not taking the right supplements at the right time. If you’re going to bust your you know whats in the gym, then you have got to have all the results from it that you can.

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